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Three Great Magazines

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As a kid I loved to read magazines. There was something special about flipping through the glossy pages and seeing a whole new world that was so different from the one in which I lived. Back then it was all about Tiger Beat and 17. Then life kicked in and I stopped reading them. They lost pull factor with me. Recently that’s changed.

Now, I love three magazines for very different reasons. The first magazine is All You. It’s sold exclusively at Walmart or by subscription. Full of coupons, money-saving tips and inexpensive food and decorative ideas, it is a pleasure to read. Every month you can expect to find a variety of ever-changing coupons. My person favorite is the $5 of any Just For Me item of clothing. Earlier this year the coupon was in All You two months back-to-back. I was able to take the coupons to Walmart and buy a camisole and tank top. The best part? Well, both of the shirts only cost $5, so I got them for FREE. If you want to know what coupons are in the magazine, flip through it before paying the whopping $1.66 it costs.

Another magazine caught my attention for a completely different reason. I like the sophistication and dreams found between the pages of Bon Appetit. The magazine is a foodie’s fantasy put into pictures and articles. From recreating high-end meals to detailing how to choose seafood, the magazine is filled with interesting, intelligent and stomach growling information. It even highlights different locations by telling you what the location is known for and what to eat if you ever go there. The magazine costs $4.99 an issue, but if you subscribe you it you can usually find a deal. I lucked out when I purchased a three-year subscription to it for $2.99/year from Tanga last year. (With Tanga you need to sign up for an account to view the actual discounted price.)

The final magazine I subscribe to is Taste of Home. I love the down to earth, variety of recipes included in the magazine. Taste of Home also has tons of recipe contests which last all year. As a subscriber you get access to additional online supplemental content. It’s a great magazine for those times when you want something a little different while avoiding gourmet, time-consuming, money sucking meals. I bought my subscription from Tanga for $1.99/year; it’s cover price is $3.99 and the magazine is regularly released bi-monthly with the exception of holiday issues.

Are you a magazine lover? What do you read and why? What would you recommend?


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