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What’s for Dinner?: 7/20/11

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I’m not a huge menu planner. Every year I go through a phase where I swear I’m going to begin planning meals not only to offer variety, but to save money. I flip through recipe books. I stalk cooking websites and blogs. And I dream of meals that end with satisfied children thanking their mother for a well-rounded meal. Then reality washes over me and time slips away.

I’ve mentioned before that I own a book blog entitled Scooper Speaks. Normally I review romance, urban fantasy and young adult novels. But recently I decided to ask for a cookbook to review. While I haven’t yet reviewed it at Scooper Speaks, it seems like the perfect time to mention it on Scooper’s World. The book? Well it’s Our Best Bites–Mormon Moms in the Kitchen by Sara Wells and Kate Jones.

The book is hardback and spiral bound. It has a plastic insert with equivalent measurements and metric conversions. It’s full of glossy recipe pictures and is just plain wonderful. It’s published by Shadow Mountain. Regularly priced at $25.99, it can be bought at B&N for $16.24.

So what’s for dinner tonight?:

Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwiches







Caramelized Green Beans








Pie in a Jar


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