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Where Don’t You Use Coupons?

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I’ve begun to love shopping with coupons and have even become reluctant to buy items when I don’t have a coupon. Crazy, huh? Well, I’ve also found places where I hate using coupons. Two major stores stick out: Walmart and Martin’s Super Market in Elkhart. Cashiers have refused to accept my coupons at both places before because they were printed at home and worth more than $1.

Walmart representatives have even balked at taking coupons from the manufacturer. Especially coupons for free items. I respect their need to verify an item matches the description on the coupon, but to not take coupons because they’ve never seen one for a free item…it’s beyond irritating. Have you run into stores which are unfriendly to coupons? What stores and where are they located?


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