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Worst Target Experience***Rant

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I had the worst experience at Target today. I’d put off visiting the store until I was ready to pick up a few groceries because it isn’t in my town. It takes me about 20 minutes to get there, versus 5 minutes driving to Walmart. I’d collected 8 coupons to use on my shopping trip, but the main reason I wanted to go there was the Fabreeze deal.

Over the course of the week a promotion ran which said buy 5 Fabreeze items (candles, air effects & or set and refresh kits) and you get a $5 Target gift card. I had 2/$1 off Fabreeze air effects, 1/$2 off Fabreeze candle, and 2/$1 off Fabreeze set and refresh kits. Guess what. I never got the coupon discount. I was told that I didn’t spend enough to get the discount, that the manager didn’t care what my receipt said, I didn’t qualify for the promotion because I used the coupons and they charged me for the $5 gc.

Furious, I looked over my receipt and noticed my $1 off Cascade coupon was applied to a Dawn product. My 75¢ off Dawn coupon was taken off the Fabreeze candle. My 50¢ off Philadelphia Cream cheese coupon was taken off a Velveeta meal kit and my $2 off coupon wasn’t applied at all. The staff at the Target were a nightmare and I don’t look forward to shopping there again.

I called the customer service number and spoke with a really nice woman who promised to look into it and call me back. Five hours later, I call them back and the guy asks if I’ll be happy with 2/$3 store coupons. By this point I’m so irritated I agree, but I’m still shitty  because I didn’t want to spend that money at Target. It was money I needed to use to purchase my daughter’s shirt for band. 😦

All this brings me to one major fact. Businesses need to begin investing in teaching their representatives about customer service. I don’t need to spend my money at Target. I choose to because I like the merchandise and atmosphere. Part of atmosphere is having people who want to work be pleasant to the customers. Making sure its employees watch what they scan can also cut down on mistakes. (There was no line while I was there and I used nine high dollar coupons, not 20.)


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