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What do I Think About the Bounce Bar…

I love it! I have a bad habit of leaving clothes in the dryer for too long. Not a big deal when you use a quality fabric softener or put two in the dryer. Problem is that I don’t. It’s not unusual for me to forget to toss one in if I’m not using a 3-in-1 sheet.

Another reason I love the Bounce bar is that I don’t have to hound my children when they transfer the laundry from the washer to the dryer. They get awful tired of me asking them if they put a fabric softener sheet in the dryer.

The Bounce bar a great addition to my laundry process  and it’s easy to use. My daughter attached it to the inside of the dryer. (Unfortunately, she also thought it had to be removed and pulled it out.) When you can read the word “Replace” it’s time to slide the old bar out and insert the new fabric softener bar.

I was lucky and received a coupon to try it for free. Later, I received a few coupons from Vocalpoint which made the bar cheaper. Yes, it made me extremely happy as well. Depending on the bar you buy, expect it to last for three or four months. Of course, if you wash a lot of laundry you may need to replace it sooner. I wait for Bounce bars to go on sale before buying them, but you can purchase them online, too.

Have you tried the bar? What did you think about it?


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