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What’s for Dinner Wednesday? Sept. 14, 2011

I felt extremely lazy today. I have a bag of fresh pears (picture Kroger’s grocer sack full of pears) that need to be used ASAP. Instead of baking bread all day, I went to lunch with a friend/former co-worker and enjoyed a few hours of downtime. It was great! Luckily, last night I cooked western pork ribs in the slow cooker so the meat portion of What’s for Dinner Wednesday was ready to go. For what? Well, I made a slight twist on Pulled Pork Chili, a recipe I found on the Kraft website.

I deboned the ribs, strained the broth to remove any bone fragments and tossed both back into the slow cooker. I added one can of jalapeno seasoned black beans, two cans of chili beans, one can of diced tomatoes with basil and garlic (yeah, it’s all I had. I hope it isn’t nasty!), chili powder and cumin. I’ve got sour cream and sharp cheddar cheese to top the chili with and a box of oyster crackers in the pantry. I’ll update y’all tomorrow on whether the chili turned out edible or not. lol

UPDATE: It was quite tasty. The sour cream and cheese enhanced the flavor. The only change I’d make is to use diced tomatoes with jalapenos instead of the marinara flavored ones I used. 🙂

Kraft's website



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