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New Campbell’s Slow Kettle Soup

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Have you tried Campbell‘s slow kettle soup yet? I have. Tempted by selections like Beef Burgundy Stew, Tomato & Sweet Basil Bisque, Tuscan-Style Chicken & White Bean Soup and Southwest-Style Chicken Chili, I bought a plastic container of the Beef Burgundy. Boy do I regret spending the almost $4 on it. The beef was dry and tough. The mushrooms were non-existent–I mean there were two in the container. Yes, I counted. It was lacking in flavor, but full of potatoes. Nothing like what I expected.

However–this is gonna sound ridiculous–I was most disappointed in the container. Unlike the microwavable soups that are sold in a cup or bowl, the plastic packaged slow kettle soups cannot be microwaved in the container in which they come. The package clearly states that the soup must be put into a microwavable bowl, covered with a paper towel and cooked. This takes away from the convenience for me. If I’m buying soup in a plastic container I expect to be able to microwave it at work or home as needed.

In the end, I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone. If you choose to try it, make sure you have a beverage handy to help you choke it down.


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  2. You are not ridiculous in your disappointment in the packaging. I’m a graphic designer and appreciate good packaging. This is not good at all The term “form follows function” or lack there of comes to mind. I bought it because I had a coupon, and thought it would be perfect to take to work with the microwaveable bowl like their other soups. Well here I am bowl-less, hungry, and pissed off at Campbell’s. Unless they change their packaging to the other microwavable kind, this product won’t last. Why would anyone spend $4 on 1 cup of soup that not only is bad in taste but deceives the consumer. I’m now worked up over soup that I have yet to eat.

  3. Lauren, I wonder who they think wants to buy small amounts of soup in a “looks-to-be” microwavable container. Really. Don’t they realize we are a practical and convenient society who demand items that help us live more effective lives. Silly company. The taste really sucked too.

    I would have been furious if this happened to me at work. I don’t take not eating well. lol

  4. Agreed to all above. I too am sitting here at work, bowless, hungry and yes, pissed off at Campbells. (sigh) Oh well, from what I can see above maybe it’s a good thing I can’t eat it.

    • Gosh Ryan I really feel for you. That is a sucky way to spend lunch. What type did you buy? Anyway, I just watched a commercial for it and it made me too mad. I mean, really Campbells? Fix the crappyness which is your product packaging (and flavor) if you’re toting this product as the best quality soup.

  5. I am in the same situation… at work, a couple of these purchased… and no bowl to put it in. I emailed Campbell’s 2 weeks ago and haven’t heard from them yet. The price is absurd and the ingredients and labor in total probably cost them 50 cents or less per bowl….

    • Gosh, that really sucks. I’m gonna tweet this post again and hope Campbells takes notice. I’m gonna have to check the grocery store for another brand of microwavable soup to offer in a giveaway. Hungry workers is not good for anyone’s business.

  6. This soup isn’t bad – similar to Campbell’s canned soup – but not worth $4.00. I buy only on sale and when I have a coupon, for about $1.00 net. I don’t mind the non-microwavable part but it bothers me is that the container isn’t recyclable because it contains a mix of plastic and metal. You can try removing the metal rim but it’s not easy. Bottom line: If you’re inclined to pay $4 for a cup of soup, go instead to a restaurant or supermarket take-out..

  7. Anyone who comes across this article thinks it safe to microwave plastics needs to conduct some research. It’s been scientifically been proven that when plastics are preheated towards there melting point plastics tend to release toxin’s in low doses like BPH.

    Plastics are typically safe while at room temperature so use proper serving bowls which don’t use plastics ingridents its not worth screwing with your health.


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