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Commercials Tell Too Much

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I’m sick and tired of commercials teaching my children inappropriate information. It doesn’t seem to matter what time my kids watch television, there will be at least one commercial over the course of the week that is full of ignorant, sexual, tongue-in-cheek advertisements. I’m not amused.

For the most part, I do not lie to my kids. If they ask a question, I tend to answer it. So, imagine my embarrassment as I explained the Safe Auto commercial in which a man gets into cold water, looks down his swim shorts and the woman next to him laughs. Later the man can be seen using a hair dryer to warm “himself.” My youngest asked what the woman was laughing at and why the man was talking about the cold. My oldest had no clue of “the joke.”  Lucky me. I explained that it is natural for male private parts shrink when exposed to the cold. Not the top conversation to have with an 8- and 11-year-old.

This is the same type of conversation I had when a pharmaceutical company aired commercials featuring a man with a huge grin on his face. I didn’t get angry about those commercials until the man put on a Santa costume. What’s up with everything needing to be sexualized? Are there any commercials you think should be added to my “Cut the Shit” list?

I couldn’t find the shrinkage/swimming pool Safe Auto Commercial, but this one is tacky, too!


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  1. You go! I was watching the shrinkage commercial on tv with my daughter, who is also 11. We have already had the talks, so it was highly disturbing to watch a man looking down his pants, she laughed and fully understood the commercial. It is so sad that they can’t just watch tv at times and enjoy being an innocent kid. This commercial sickens me, I am on the hunt for insurance at the moment and I can sure tell you that safe auto will not be on my list of choices since they do not seem to be centered on family. I would really love a boycott of this company.

  2. Tanya, I’d never get Safe Auto after seeing these commercials. I don’t find them funny or to be encouraging in any way. They use shock to pull a laugh and if they get someone to look into their company it’s as a side note, not a main priority. Sad.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly! I am a 37 year old woman WITHOUT children, yet i am STILL offended by the sexual reference of the SafeAuto commercial in the swimming pool. I fail to understand what ANY of that has to do with Auto Insurance. I also beleive that, if they have to include a camera shot of a mother covering her child’s eyes, PERHAPS this is altogether inappropriate content for a television commercial. ESPECIALLY one that is aired at ALL times of day and night. I’m with you on the boycott,


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