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Our Smurf Party

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Remember me telling y’all about joining Crowdtap? (It’s a social media site that does a lot with product branding.) Well, I was able to participate in a smurf party hosted by the site. To prepare I made a Facebook party invitation which I called “Being Blue Never Felt So Good.” Unfortunately, the week I was to pimp it my Internet service stopped working. Every light on my modem was on except for the Internet light. It put a major crimp in my party. However, I was determined to have a smurfy good time and the party eventually took place.

To prepare for the party my oldest daughter made apple muffins with chocolate/caramel centers per a Sandra Lee cookbook. I didn’t like the muffins, but the kids did. I also bought blueberry scones, blue-raspberry Faygo soda, blue Hawaiian Punch, blue moon ice cream and tortilla chips and salsa. I printed Smurf coloring pages which were provided by Sony Pictures. Some were printed on white paper. The others were printed on blue paper. I alternated blank blue paper with a smurf printed on blue paper to create a table covering. The girls blue (get it) up blue balloons and laid a blue blanket on the living room floor.

Despite agreeing to come, almost everyone backed out of the smurf party. However, my girls invited a neighbor over and my adult cousin made an appearance to screen the Smurf movie. While the previews played the girls competed in a no-eyes coloring contest. Once the movie began, they watched it, giggled and whacked one another with the balloons. I found it hilarious that I bought blue moon ice cream and a blue moon was a major aspect of the movie. Later the kids played the free video games provided by Sony. None of us liked the Papa Smurf’s Potion Commotion. There were other games that sucked us in though: Gutsy’s Stargazer Quest, Smurfette’s Spot the Difference and Grouchy’s Match Game.

So why did we do all of this? It was to remind people The Smurfs was going to be available for purchase this month. I watched it and laughed. My favorite thought during the movie was that smurfs come in all nationalities: Latino, Scottish and Nerd. Yeah, I’m a little silly. Have you watched the movie yet? What did you think? If you haven’t watched the movie, I want to know if there’s a reason you are avoiding it or if you’re not interested in watching it.


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