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My February 2012 Julep Box

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My February Julep box contained: cuticle oil, gold sparkly (It’s called Oscar) and the perfect color red (Glenn) nail polish and a piece of chocolate candy with the shape of an Oscar pressed into the top of it. Yes, I’m very happy. Great box.

The Julep Maven club costs $19.99/month. You fill out a survey and based on your answers are given a style. Mine is All American. Editors then pick out items for you to try. This month’s package is obviously a play on Hollywood as it’s an Oscar award winning box. You also have the choice of skipping months, sending your box to a friend or selecting a different style’s box if you prefer it to the one selected for you. On the 27th of the month, if you haven’t requested to skip a month, the $19.99 is withdrawn from the account you used to set up your Maven Club Membership. If folks sign up using your referral link you get perks. For example, get two people to sign up and keep their membership for 30 days after buying their first box, and you get a free month of the Maven club.


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  1. This month I got Boho Glam. It was my first month, so I wasn’t sure what to expect! I was pretty impressed with the quality of the polishes though. I wasn’t that much of a fan of glitter polishes, but Oscar was good!

    I did my review here:

  2. I don’t know. On some nails it worked great, but on others it was like nothing happened.I’ll be interested to try something like Sally Hanson and see how its magnetic polish works.


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