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Wish I Hadn’t Joined this Survey Site

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I really wish I hadn’t wasted eight months of my life trying to earn $50 from Panda Research. I thought it’d be so simple to get paid for reading emails and filling out an occassional survey. Boy was I wrong. First of all, it became annoying fast. The surveys are the kind you get when you go to a site advertising a free product. You know the ones that say fill out your information and press submit. Then while it’s processing you are told to pick an offer in order to receive your freebie. Anyway, each “survey” is awarded a dollar amount. For filling it out you get $0.50, $12 or some other amount of money. Some of the surveys require you to purchase a product.

Well, I was fine with clicking on emails. I figured after I received my first $50 I’d know how long it took for a pay out and if it was worth the effort I was expending. Just as I was getting close the company posted new rules. You can only earn $25 by clicking on emails. This means surveys must make up the other $25. The problem with this is that I’ve accrued almost $43, most of which was earned by clicking on emails. They’ve placed a hold on $11 and the other $25 will only be released if I participate in the scam-like surveys. Basically, I’m out of $43. I’m canceling my membership.

There are good survey sites; my favorite is Pine Cone Research. They mail a $3 check every time you fill out a survey. Panda Research was too good to be true. The emails often paid 5 to 15 cents per click. And as the information below shows, there are times you will fill out a survey and not be paid. Whether it was my fault for not following instructions or the survey site for not acknowledging my work, the result was the same: no money for me.

Surveys Date Survey Status Earnings
PandaResearch Registration Bonus 2011-07-25 ApprovedApproved $3.00
Panda Mails 2012-02-22
Panda Treasure Chest 2012-02-22 Ready for future payments $11.11
Supermarket Survey 2011-07-27 PendingWaiting for approval $1.00
Laptop Survey 2011-07-27 PendingWaiting for approval $1.25
Laptop Study 2011-08-01 RejectedDenied $1.00
Sandwich Study 2011-07-27 PendingWaiting for approval $0.50
Angry Birds Study 2011-08-05 PendingWaiting for approval $1.00
Texting Study 2011-07-25 ApprovedApproved $0.50

Approved Balance Remaining in Your Account: $28.5

Would you dump this survey site? What do you suggest I do?


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  1. That’s BS. Yes, I would quit it too!! I am a member of mypoints which is click emails (5 points each) and the occassional survey (10 points if you don’t qualify, 50-100 if you do). I do it just because at around 3600 points I can get a B&N gift card. I think over the years I’ve got a few gift cards. I recommend that one, but I think the emails they send are getting less and less.. it feels like it takes longer to get to the # of points you need to get that gift card, and as time goes by, they raise the number of points you need. I swear when I started it was 1000 points less. Although, if I click through their website as I buy something from certain stores, I get more points faster, and I don’t really remember to do that. I’d say it takes me about 6 months to get the $25 gift card?

    • It’s crazy how they make drastic changes. It always feels like it’s personal, as if they want to stop me from cashing out. This one made me really angry though.

  2. Oh and if you are interested in mypoints, let me know, I think I get points for referring a friend! šŸ™‚

    • You know what? I joined it last week. Some of the free magazines I get come through that site’s parent company. I wish I’d have known, cause I’d have def. used your referral link. I’ve got a whopping 50 points there. lol Thanks though.


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