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Shame on IHOP–Mishawaka, Ind.

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UPDATE: Check out my post here for the great way IHOP made up for my family’s bad experience.

In January my 9-year-old won a Lunchables instant win game. This month she received her winnings: flashlight, disposable camera, metal water bottle, backpack and $100 gift card. My daughter’s first purchase was made at IHOP, Mishawaka, Ind. Why? Well, she wanted to take her family to dinner. So that means she was buying me, her 12-year-old sister, her grandmother and herself food to eat.

See my daughter is a smart girl. She had been wanting to try IHOP’s Lorax meals which have been all over the television. She also knew I had no money for eating out and offered her idea as her way of giving something to her family instead of just taking. Cool, right. Again, I tell you this girl is good. lol Well, we went to the restaurant and had an enjoyable time. There was one small kerfuffle, but it was quickly dealt with by the manger. So what’s the problem?

My daughter was told in commercials that IHOP was giving out seeds so kids can help the environment by planting trees. When youngest asked the waitress about it she told us she didn’t watch TV and had no knowledge of any seeds that were going to be given away. I repeated my daughter’s request about the seeds and the waitress went to ask another employee about it. That employee stopped about eight feet away from the waitress and stated: We don’t have any seeds.

The waitress looked at us, repeated what the other employee stated and walked away to get our bill. My daughter was not a happy camper. She said, “they shouldn’t tell you on TV they have stuff if they don’t really have it.” I was angry because my daughter spent her money on her family and didn’t reap the benefit of getting the small prize the chain was supposedly offering. Nor did she receive an apology. Thankfully my oldest daughter sympathized with her little sis and didn’t complain about not getting seeds.

I popped by IHOP’s website and found the following information about it:

Thank you for Helping IHOP® to Plant 3 Million Trees! Visit any participating IHOP starting February 20. Kids 3-12 get a free Lorax bookmark (while supplies last). Adult supervision required.

Plant the tree seed paper on the bookmark and help IHOP plant 3 million trees. Seed paper contains an evergreen mix of Blue Spruce and Canadian White Pine which may grow 20-40 feet wide. May be planted in a container to minimize size.

I don’t often do it, but I contacted the store with my complaint and hope to have an update soon.


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  1. Wow, Why didnt YOU ask to speak to a manager directly? Shame on YOU! People are not perfect and do make mistakes.

  2. I’ve been meaning to update this post, but here goes. I emailed the company and spoke to an awesome district manager. He told me the store did have the seeded bookmarks and apologized. He also spoke to the employees of that IHOP and told them they are spending a ton of money to promote the Lorax and it did no good if they didn’t pass out the goods. He also gave me a complimentary adult and kids meal. He was speedy, polite and down right nice. I recently used the meal certificates and had an excellent waitress and a decent meal.

    • This is what is wrong with the world … rather than take it upon yourself to handle the situation, you had your young daughter handle the situation for you. You then post something on the internet, rather than speak with the manager on duty … BUT you did get a free meal out of the whole situation, didn’t you!


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