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Have you tried International Delight’s iced coffee from the dairy section?

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Photo taken from International Delight’s Facebook page. Make sure you check it for possible coupons.

It took months for my local stores to begin carrying International Delight’s iced coffee. By the time I found it all of the coupons I’d received for $2 or free coffee had expired, but I wanted to try it bad enough that I bought it. It cost less than $4 for what I think is about a half-gallon container of coffee. I bought the vanilla flavored coffee. It was smooth and quite tasty. I don’t like bitter coffee and International Delight did not give me bitter coffee.

I recently discovered VocalPoint‘s offer of a cutesy Mother’s Day e-coupon card. It’s not a high value card, but 75 cents off of a drink which can be served to several people isn’t a bad offer. So basically, this whole post is to tell you go try something new.  If you don’t want to make your own coffee or spend $5 at Starbucks, pop over to your grocer’s dairy section and purchase a container of pre-made iced coffee. And be smart; save a little more money by printing a coupon to take with your.


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