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UPDATE: Thank You IHOP, Mishawaka, Ind.

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It was recently brought to my attention that I failed to update my bad Lorax experience at the Mishawaka, Ind., site. I’m sorry, because the district manager more than made up for the not so great time my family had there. He also did so in a speedy manner, more than I can say for myself in updating y’all on the whole deal.

The district manager contacted me and commiserated with the disappointment my daughter felt. He let the store know that IHOP invested money in promotions and it was only a good investment if they used the promotional material. Then he mailed me five seeded bookmarks and a certificate for an adult and child’s meal at IHOP. My daughter was delighted with the response and I was satisfied that the company not only addressed my dissatisfaction, but a possible across the board issue.

We’ve since returned to the Mishawaka IHOP and had a delightful waitress and a decent meal. It was a different experience and I’m grateful to the staff for giving me a nice night out. Thank you IHOP.


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