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Madagascar 3 Crowdtap Opportunity

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When Crowdtap offered me a chance to host a Madagascar 3 party I jumped on it. For its part, Crowdtap sent me a digital party package which contained: Marty’s Zebra Cake Recipe, tic-tac-toe boards, connect the numbers, face painting ideas and paper animal chain cutouts. I didn’t use everything it sent me, but I did use some of the items and had a good time.

I have older kids, so the worksheet ideas didn’t really mesh. Instead I invited a few friends and their kids to join us at the park for cake and bottled water. The water was decorated with Madagascar characters.  I played Madagascar music on my Mp3 player so the kids could dance and taped animal cutouts along the picnic table’s edge for decoration.

The kids attempted juggling and laughed as they listened to my Afro Circus ringtone. They also played Spikeball. It was not a huge get together, but I’d like to think my guests had a good time mingling. Next time I’d like to be able to have a pre-movie party followed by a trip to the movie theater.


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