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Welcome to Scooper’s World! I’m Stacy Cooper, aka Scooper, a book blogger, single mother and freelance writer. I’ve maintained a book blog for five years (Scooper Speaks) and am excited to start Scooper’s World. Scooper’s World is a site where I can let it out. My opinions on different events, product reviews, positive and negative experiences and life as a single mother.


scooperspeaks54 AT yahoo DOT com

About Scooper

I live in Indiana and am a single mother of two extremely opinionated girls. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with emphasis in literature and writing from Indiana University and work from home as a freelance writer providing online content for websites.

Former jobs: jewelry store representative and bookkeeper; bookstore representative;  Band-Aid factory, putting Band-Aids in individual boxes (worst job ever!); metal fabricating factory, running press punch machine (I sucked at this job); anodizing factory, worked my way from the factory floor to being the assistant technical manager at the factory; a temporary secretary; and an obituary clerk at a newspaper.

To sum it all up: Thank you taking the time to visit my blog. I can’t wait to share my musings with you and hope you will return the favor by expressing your thoughts and opinions in the comment area.


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