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Help us Win!

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I’m hoping some of y’all will help a sister out. I entered my kids photo in Disney’s Family Fun “I Love My Family” photo contest. Winners are chosen by viewers, but we all know how it really works. People talk their family and friends into voting for them. I posted my picture two days ago and have a whopping three votes. Yep, I’m one of the three votes. LOL I’ve posted pleas on Facebook and Twitter, but have gotten nada. So now I’m asking y’all. Help us make it to the top. Visit Family Fun and vote for us. We’re the photo labeled Ocean Brings Kids Together.


My February 2012 Julep Box

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My February Julep box contained: cuticle oil, gold sparkly (It’s called Oscar) and the perfect color red (Glenn) nail polish and a piece of chocolate candy with the shape of an Oscar pressed into the top of it. Yes, I’m very happy. Great box.

The Julep Maven club costs $19.99/month. You fill out a survey and based on your answers are given a style. Mine is All American. Editors then pick out items for you to try. This month’s package is obviously a play on Hollywood as it’s an Oscar award winning box. You also have the choice of skipping months, sending your box to a friend or selecting a different style’s box if you prefer it to the one selected for you. On the 27th of the month, if you haven’t requested to skip a month, the $19.99 is withdrawn from the account you used to set up your Maven Club Membership. If folks sign up using your referral link you get perks. For example, get two people to sign up and keep their membership for 30 days after buying their first box, and you get a free month of the Maven club.

It’s National Chocolate Cake Day 2012!

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There seems to be a holiday for every day of the year. There’s a day for pie, bubble bath, moldy cheese, ding-a-ling (yep, I said ding-a-ling) and maple syrup. Well, today is national chocolate cake day and I’m going to celebrate by making chocolate cupcakes. To get your saliva flowing, I’ve found several chocolate cakes and linked to more information about each one. Are you having chocolate cake today?

Martha Stewart's Sweet and Salty Chocolate CakeMartha Stewart's Easy Chocolate CakeBaker's Royale: German Chocolate CakeRecipe Warrior: Individual Molten Chocolate CakeStrip House: 24-Layer Chocolate Cake

Our Smurf Party

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Remember me telling y’all about joining Crowdtap? (It’s a social media site that does a lot with product branding.) Well, I was able to participate in a smurf party hosted by the site. To prepare I made a Facebook party invitation which I called “Being Blue Never Felt So Good.” Unfortunately, the week I was to pimp it my Internet service stopped working. Every light on my modem was on except for the Internet light. It put a major crimp in my party. However, I was determined to have a smurfy good time and the party eventually took place.

To prepare for the party my oldest daughter made apple muffins with chocolate/caramel centers per a Sandra Lee cookbook. I didn’t like the muffins, but the kids did. I also bought blueberry scones, blue-raspberry Faygo soda, blue Hawaiian Punch, blue moon ice cream and tortilla chips and salsa. I printed Smurf coloring pages which were provided by Sony Pictures. Some were printed on white paper. The others were printed on blue paper. I alternated blank blue paper with a smurf printed on blue paper to create a table covering. The girls blue (get it) up blue balloons and laid a blue blanket on the living room floor.

Despite agreeing to come, almost everyone backed out of the smurf party. However, my girls invited a neighbor over and my adult cousin made an appearance to screen the Smurf movie. While the previews played the girls competed in a no-eyes coloring contest. Once the movie began, they watched it, giggled and whacked one another with the balloons. I found it hilarious that I bought blue moon ice cream and a blue moon was a major aspect of the movie. Later the kids played the free video games provided by Sony. None of us liked the Papa Smurf’s Potion Commotion. There were other games that sucked us in though: Gutsy’s Stargazer Quest, Smurfette’s Spot the Difference and Grouchy’s Match Game.

So why did we do all of this? It was to remind people The Smurfs was going to be available for purchase this month. I watched it and laughed. My favorite thought during the movie was that smurfs come in all nationalities: Latino, Scottish and Nerd. Yeah, I’m a little silly. Have you watched the movie yet? What did you think? If you haven’t watched the movie, I want to know if there’s a reason you are avoiding it or if you’re not interested in watching it.

Check Out Victoria’s Secret Now

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I’m a sweepstakes junkie. There, I said it. I love to play sweepstakes. Do I win? Not often; when I do it is a major adrenaline rush though. Take this morning. I got up and decided I’d take a chance my entering my email address at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show Countdown Sweepstakes. You can find it here. I’d played (and lost) twice before. This morning, as I cleaned the glitter from the screen with my mouse I thought–Sorry–and saw Congratulations. I won $25 gift card. Pretty awesome.

Well, that’s not all I did today. I visited the mall and spent $10 in Victoria’s Secret. I received a small brochure with a gift card containing an undisclosed amount of money. It’s guaranteed to have $10, $50, $100 or $500 loaded. The sticker is you won’t know how much money is on your card until you make a purchase sometime from Dec. 1 to 20. They are giving out the cards when you make a $10 purchase in store, online or by phone until Wednesday (the 30th).

I’ll be back on the mall on the 30th to make another $10 purchase and to pick up my free pair of underwear. Well, my daughter’s free pair of underwear. The company is giving away Victoria Secret Runway Fashion Show panties on the 30th only. One pair per person. So what are you waiting for? Get your panty on. 🙂


Veterans Day 2011

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My Spin Master House Party

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Last month I posted my great luck in being selected to host a Spin Master House Party. I’d never heard of the company Spin Master, but I recognized a few of its products. I’m sure you do, too. They make Hedbandz, Would You Rather, Battle of the Sexes and Beat the Parents.

Well, Saturday I invited a few friends and relatives over to play Logo and Quelf with me. Logo was an instant hit with everyone, old and young. To play Logo, you simply answer questions about a variety of brands. There are four different decks of cards, so don’t worry that you’ll memorize the answers any time soon.

The idea is to reach the center of the game first. Logo is fun, easy to understand and entertaining. The older people at my party (57+ crowd) loved it.

My personal favorite was Quelf. To have fun playing Quelf you need to set your pride and embarrassment aside. You will do silly things, but the game is only fun if players actually play the game and avoid taking penalties as much as possible. The younger kids became so self-conscious that they didn’t have as much fun as the adults.

We were shameless. My poor uncle had to get on his knees and sing me a love song for one minute. My mother had to make a “W” with her hand, place it on her forehead and say, “Whatever” every time someone said her name. Yep, I said her name so many times that she had to hate it. 🙂 My aunt had to give herself a wedgie. And me? Well, I had to write a sentence, no longer than 10 words, for the next person who rolled a 3 to read aloud five times. Guess who rolled a 3. Go ahead. I bet you’ll never figure it out. Give up? Dang, how’d you know it was me?  I had to read the sentence I wrote which said, “I love to lick stinky feet in the morning.” Karma is a you know what. lol

Want to check the games out? I have extra manufacturer coupons which give $5 off Logo and $5 off Quelf. I also have a few packs of secret decoders which can be used on the House website. Interested? Just comment before Oct. 25, 2011. I’ll randomly select five people to whom I’ll mail the coupons and decoders.