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Simple Way to Make a Difference: Wholly Guacamole

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Looking for a way to make a difference but don’t have much money or time to spend? This sums me up so I figured it might apply to others as well. Well, today I noticed a post on Wholly Guacamole’s Facebook page. It supports Operation Purple which helps children of military families go to camp. Wholly Guacamole’s goal is to send 100 kids to camp and it needs your help.

Simply buy a t-shirt (sizes range from youth to adult XXL) for $10. Yep, that’s all. Ten dollars for a shirt and you’re helping a kid attend camp. Don’t have need of a shirt? No problem, you can donate money and bypass the shirt. It’s simple. It’s different. It’s a way to help someone when your time and money are limited.


McCormick and Crowdtap

I’ve gone on and on about my adoration of Crowdtap. By answering surveys and participating in online discussions members receive points which allow them to advance to different levels. As members rise levels on the site they are given chances to host different parties. Some of those parties are linked to movie and television shows, while others promote a product. I was lucky enough to receive a McCormick Grill Mates kit to share with friends and family.

On Labor Day my cousin invited my family and a few of our friends over for a swimming get together. I decided this was the perfect setting for me to introduce the newest additions of McCormick’s Grill Mate’s products. I was given an apron, booklet with recipes and party ideas, Spiced Brandy & Herb Marinade, Slow and Low Memphis Pit BBQ Rub, Montreal Steak Seasoning Blend, Molasses Bacon Seasoning Blend and Brown Sugar Bourbon BBQ Sauce.

We used the Spiced Brandy & Herb Marinade on boneless, skinless chicken breast which was served alongside the “traditional” Italian dressing marinated and cooked chicken. Montreal Steak Seasoning Blend was used on HUGE steaks and Hawaiian burgers and hotdogs were brushed with the Brown Sugar Bourbon BBQ Sauce. Some of us also used the barbecue sauce to dip our steak or chicken.

As side dishes we had 7 Cheese Macaroni, stuffed mini sweet peppers, baked beans, potato salad, chips, coleslaw, butterscotch pie, Jello cake, buttermilk cookies.

Everything was delicious. I had wondered if guests would enjoy the old family favorite Italian chicken or if they’d go for the new Spiced Brandy & Herb marinated chicken. By the end of the night there was a few pieces of the Italian chicken and none of the brandy herbed chicken left. I’d say the new McCormick marinade will be used the majority of the time now. It was earthy, yet sweet–just mouth watering. Everyone ate the Brown Sugar Bourbon sauce. I’d hoped to take some home to use the next day, but all I found was an empty bottle!

I’ve got to thank both Crowdtap and McCormick for giving me the great spices which added flavor to the swimming get together. The ending consensus of all who attended the party was that the seasonings and barbecue sauce are ones to buy.

Some of the girls getting their grub on!

Pretty Cinderella Doll

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I just got an email about a new Disney collectible doll. It is so pretty. It only costs $99.50. lol Oh, yeah. It goes on sale Oct. 2, 2012.

Free Apron Offer

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Head over to Prestos Pizza’s Facebook page and fill out the form to receive a free apron. If you blog about it or post about it on an online forum you can get an oven mitt too!

Doing Good: Buy Winter Coats Now

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Let’s face it: the economy still sucks. It probably won’t be much better by Christmas, either. Which is why I think it’s important to begin planning ahead.

Consider the families who will struggle to clothe their kids in winter coats and act. How? Well, right now JcPenney has toddler coats on sale for $5. If you choose to have it sent to a store near you, you can avoid paying shipping fees. So for a $20 + tax investment, you can donate four, quality coats.

Whether you buy a coat for your growing child or purchase one for a coat drive, Christmas present or a neighbor, it’s a simple and inexpensive way to give back to the community. What are ya doing? Go do good now!

Disney’s Frankenweenie Movie Trailer

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Why do I feel like I watched this movie years ago?

Shame on IHOP–Mishawaka, Ind.

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UPDATE: Check out my post here for the great way IHOP made up for my family’s bad experience.

In January my 9-year-old won a Lunchables instant win game. This month she received her winnings: flashlight, disposable camera, metal water bottle, backpack and $100 gift card. My daughter’s first purchase was made at IHOP, Mishawaka, Ind. Why? Well, she wanted to take her family to dinner. So that means she was buying me, her 12-year-old sister, her grandmother and herself food to eat.

See my daughter is a smart girl. She had been wanting to try IHOP’s Lorax meals which have been all over the television. She also knew I had no money for eating out and offered her idea as her way of giving something to her family instead of just taking. Cool, right. Again, I tell you this girl is good. lol Well, we went to the restaurant and had an enjoyable time. There was one small kerfuffle, but it was quickly dealt with by the manger. So what’s the problem?

My daughter was told in commercials that IHOP was giving out seeds so kids can help the environment by planting trees. When youngest asked the waitress about it she told us she didn’t watch TV and had no knowledge of any seeds that were going to be given away. I repeated my daughter’s request about the seeds and the waitress went to ask another employee about it. That employee stopped about eight feet away from the waitress and stated: We don’t have any seeds.

The waitress looked at us, repeated what the other employee stated and walked away to get our bill. My daughter was not a happy camper. She said, “they shouldn’t tell you on TV they have stuff if they don’t really have it.” I was angry because my daughter spent her money on her family and didn’t reap the benefit of getting the small prize the chain was supposedly offering. Nor did she receive an apology. Thankfully my oldest daughter sympathized with her little sis and didn’t complain about not getting seeds.

I popped by IHOP’s website and found the following information about it:

Thank you for Helping IHOPĀ® to Plant 3 Million Trees! Visit any participating IHOP starting February 20. Kids 3-12 get a free Lorax bookmark (while supplies last). Adult supervision required.

Plant the tree seed paper on the bookmark and help IHOP plant 3 million trees. Seed paper contains an evergreen mix of Blue Spruce and Canadian White Pine which may grow 20-40 feet wide. May be planted in a container to minimize size.

I don’t often do it, but I contacted the store with my complaint and hope to have an update soon.