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Battleship Sweepstake and Trailer

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Today I won two movie tickets to see the movie Battleship. Never heard of it either? Well, it’s the classic Hasbro game turned major motion picture. Want a chance to see it for free? Visit the Butterfinger Facebook page, request a code, fill out the form and see if you’re a winner. I was.


Disney’s Frankenweenie Movie Trailer

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Why do I feel like I watched this movie years ago?

Are You Going to Watch the Muppets?

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I loved the Muppets as a child. I can’t say my kids feel the same. They didn’t watch it every week like I did. But now’s their chance. In November 2011, The Muppets are coming out with a new movie: Green with Envy. I wonder how it’ll stack up against the past movies. Maybe it’s time to rewatch those old movies in preparation for the new one.