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Simple Way to Make a Difference: Wholly Guacamole

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Looking for a way to make a difference but don’t have much money or time to spend? This sums me up so I figured it might apply to others as well. Well, today I noticed a post on Wholly Guacamole’s Facebook page. It supports Operation Purple which helps children of military families go to camp. Wholly Guacamole’s goal is to send 100 kids to camp and it needs your help.

Simply buy a t-shirt (sizes range from youth to adult XXL) for $10. Yep, that’s all. Ten dollars for a shirt and you’re helping a kid attend camp. Don’t have need of a shirt? No problem, you can donate money and bypass the shirt. It’s simple. It’s different. It’s a way to help someone when your time and money are limited.


Help a School!

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A new school year has begun and with it come the multitude of fundraisers. They aren’t as bad as when I was a kid and schools sent home fundraiser packets the first week, but they do cost money which is something I have little of at the moment.

If you find yourself in the same boat you’re probably wondering why I’m even talking school fundraisers if I can’t afford to donate. Well, I’ll tell you why. If you’re a Facebook user you can help your school at no cost. Target has started a promotion to send $25 gift cards to schools and will send up to $10,000 per school. It’s called “Give with Target” on Facebook. All you need to do is visit its Facebook page, type in your school’s name, city and state then vote for it. It’s a once a week vote. For every 25 votes a $25 gift card will be sent to the school.

Target is giving out $2.5 million through its FB giveaway and if you’re not going to vote for a local school I’d appreciate you voting for my kids school. Just click here. I try not to give out a ton of personal information online, but I’m making an exception for my school of choice: Cleveland Elementary, Elkhart, Ind. If you vote for your school, thank you. If you vote for mine, thank you. Either way, all of our kids benefit. Make a difference and help a school today.

Doing Good: Buy Winter Coats Now

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Let’s face it: the economy still sucks. It probably won’t be much better by Christmas, either. Which is why I think it’s important to begin planning ahead.

Consider the families who will struggle to clothe their kids in winter coats and act. How? Well, right now JcPenney has toddler coats on sale for $5. If you choose to have it sent to a store near you, you can avoid paying shipping fees. So for a $20 + tax investment, you can donate four, quality coats.

Whether you buy a coat for your growing child or purchase one for a coat drive, Christmas present or a neighbor, it’s a simple and inexpensive way to give back to the community. What are ya doing? Go do good now!