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Birthday Goodies

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Today’s my birthday and I’m going to enjoy a FREE meal, dessert and a movie. I can do it all at little cost because of reward programs. Over the years I’ve signed up for many reward programs. The great perks can usually be seen around my birthday. I decided this year to list all the great things I received at no or little cost around my birthday.

  1. Starbucks: FREE drink or food item
  2. Cold Stone Creamery: Buy one, get one creation
  3. Logans: FREE Nutterbutter with purchase of entrée
  4. Houlihans: FREE entrée (up to $15)
  5. Honey Baked Ham & Cafe: FREE sandwich
  6. Phillip’s Food & Grocery: $1 off any item
  7. Arby’s: FREE 12 oz. milkshake
  8. Red Robin: FREE burger (meal)
  9. Panera: FREE pastry or sweet
  10. Fazoli’s: FREE dessert
  11. Wendy’s : $1 0ff combo
  12. Applebees: Buy one, get one entrée FREE
  13. Victoria’s Secret: $10 off
  14. Redbox: FREE rental
  15. Swagbucks: 50 points
  16. Disney Movie Rewards: 100 points
  17. John Freida: $1.50 off any full size product
  18. CVS: $3 off anything in store
  19. Bone Fish Grill: FREE coconut pie or Bang Bang shrimp
  20. Woman Within: 40% off any item
  21. Philosophy: FREE birthday set with purchase of $25
  22. Hoosier Lottery: FREE $1 scratch off ticket

Woolite Opportunity Thanks to Crowdtap

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As a mom I know all about the need to stretch money out. When I heard about Woolite pairing up with Crowdtap to share samples and introduce the public to its newest product Woolite Extra Dark Care, I had to take part.  An added benefit–the samples came with a $1 off coupon.

My care package arrived and I tore into it. I received a jean tote bag, several individually wrapped sample/coupon packages, white boards, dry erase markers and a deck of questions about jeans. In preparation for the party I made a Woolite banner out of index cards and paper clips, added jeans to some of the water bottles and made a zebra style cake for the adults to eat while our kids played at the park.

We chatted and then began playing the trivia game which really got the conversations flowing about laundry, detergent and purchasing habits. There was also talk about washing machines, but that’s a whole other topic. We learned that by using Woolite Extra Dark Care laundry detergent we can extend the life of our denim. Curious about the game questions? Here are a few samples:

If you’re really serious about jean care, how long do denim experts recommend you go before washing your jeans for the first time?

a. After one week
b. After a month
c. After 6 weeks
d. After 6 months

Answer: d (I know right. I had no clue)


Which of the following qualities make Woolite the best choice for taking care of your denim?

a. It’s a liquid detergent so it’s less abrasive than powders
b. It contains less abrasive chemicals than most other detergents
c. It is made with pure lacier water
d. Both A and B

Answer: d


The word “denim” refers to the fabric that jeans are made from as well as the French city where denim fabric was first made. What is the name of the city?

a. Paris
b. Le Mans
c. Nimes
d. Avignon
e. Versailles

Answer: c (Never heard of it either. Good thing I was the one asking the questions while my guests played for an extra sample. lol)

Some guests were early.

We ate and drank a ton of water because it was pretty hot outside. Kind of funny because it was almost torturous and the Woolite campaign is all about not torturing your jeans and extending their life by using a better detergent. Unfortunately not all my guests could make it, but a few stopped by the house both before and after the party to scoop up their samples. They wanted to take part, but couldn’t as fully as they wanted. I was glad to share the samples and hope they like it as much as I do.

Some guests were right on time.

Some guests were late. See those blurry people in the background? They were late, too! But I’m thankful they came.

Now they, as well as the people who received samples, have a chance to share their experience for a chance to win $500 by visiting If they don’t use their sample until October, they can still enter as entries are accepted until Oct. 31, 2012.  (No purchase necessary to participate in the sweepstake.) People who didn’t make the party can LIKE Woolite’s FaceBook page ( for product offers.

UPDATE: Thank You IHOP, Mishawaka, Ind.

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It was recently brought to my attention that I failed to update my bad Lorax experience at the Mishawaka, Ind., site. I’m sorry, because the district manager more than made up for the not so great time my family had there. He also did so in a speedy manner, more than I can say for myself in updating y’all on the whole deal.

The district manager contacted me and commiserated with the disappointment my daughter felt. He let the store know that IHOP invested money in promotions and it was only a good investment if they used the promotional material. Then he mailed me five seeded bookmarks and a certificate for an adult and child’s meal at IHOP. My daughter was delighted with the response and I was satisfied that the company not only addressed my dissatisfaction, but a possible across the board issue.

We’ve since returned to the Mishawaka IHOP and had a delightful waitress and a decent meal. It was a different experience and I’m grateful to the staff for giving me a nice night out. Thank you IHOP.

Have you tried International Delight’s iced coffee from the dairy section?

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Photo taken from International Delight’s Facebook page. Make sure you check it for possible coupons.

It took months for my local stores to begin carrying International Delight’s iced coffee. By the time I found it all of the coupons I’d received for $2 or free coffee had expired, but I wanted to try it bad enough that I bought it. It cost less than $4 for what I think is about a half-gallon container of coffee. I bought the vanilla flavored coffee. It was smooth and quite tasty. I don’t like bitter coffee and International Delight did not give me bitter coffee.

I recently discovered VocalPoint‘s offer of a cutesy Mother’s Day e-coupon card. It’s not a high value card, but 75 cents off of a drink which can be served to several people isn’t a bad offer. So basically, this whole post is to tell you go try something new.  If you don’t want to make your own coffee or spend $5 at Starbucks, pop over to your grocer’s dairy section and purchase a container of pre-made iced coffee. And be smart; save a little more money by printing a coupon to take with your.

Pringles Instant Win: Last Chance

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Looking for an instant win opportunity? You’ve got one last chance to try to win a gift card or a can of Pringles from the Facebook Tournament of Flavors promotion. Obviously you need to have a Facebook account to enter. Then follow the link, watch the two remaining videos and vote for your favorite Pringles flavor. You’ll be immediately notified if you’re a winner. I didn’t win, but you might win $500 gift card or a can of Pringles.

Look for this when you buy Totino’s pizza

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My shopping trip to Walmart sucked today, but I did find one good thing. I found Totino’s frozen pizza priced at $1.38/pizza. Now you’re thinking “so what,” right? Well, each box I bought has a code which can be used at Redbox for one Free movie. Not bad, huh? 🙂

My Coke Rewards Deal Today Only: Dec. 21, 2011

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For today only you can get a coupon for a 12 pk of Coke for 30 My Coke Reward points. The normal cost is 240 points. This is a great deal, but it is for one day only.