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Birthday Goodies

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Today’s my birthday and I’m going to enjoy a FREE meal, dessert and a movie. I can do it all at little cost because of reward programs. Over the years I’ve signed up for many reward programs. The great perks can usually be seen around my birthday. I decided this year to list all the great things I received at no or little cost around my birthday.

  1. Starbucks: FREE drink or food item
  2. Cold Stone Creamery: Buy one, get one creation
  3. Logans: FREE Nutterbutter with purchase of entrée
  4. Houlihans: FREE entrée (up to $15)
  5. Honey Baked Ham & Cafe: FREE sandwich
  6. Phillip’s Food & Grocery: $1 off any item
  7. Arby’s: FREE 12 oz. milkshake
  8. Red Robin: FREE burger (meal)
  9. Panera: FREE pastry or sweet
  10. Fazoli’s: FREE dessert
  11. Wendy’s : $1 0ff combo
  12. Applebees: Buy one, get one entrée FREE
  13. Victoria’s Secret: $10 off
  14. Redbox: FREE rental
  15. Swagbucks: 50 points
  16. Disney Movie Rewards: 100 points
  17. John Freida: $1.50 off any full size product
  18. CVS: $3 off anything in store
  19. Bone Fish Grill: FREE coconut pie or Bang Bang shrimp
  20. Woman Within: 40% off any item
  21. Philosophy: FREE birthday set with purchase of $25
  22. Hoosier Lottery: FREE $1 scratch off ticket

Have you tried International Delight’s iced coffee from the dairy section?

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Photo taken from International Delight’s Facebook page. Make sure you check it for possible coupons.

It took months for my local stores to begin carrying International Delight’s iced coffee. By the time I found it all of the coupons I’d received for $2 or free coffee had expired, but I wanted to try it bad enough that I bought it. It cost less than $4 for what I think is about a half-gallon container of coffee. I bought the vanilla flavored coffee. It was smooth and quite tasty. I don’t like bitter coffee and International Delight did not give me bitter coffee.

I recently discovered VocalPoint‘s offer of a cutesy Mother’s Day e-coupon card. It’s not a high value card, but 75 cents off of a drink which can be served to several people isn’t a bad offer. So basically, this whole post is to tell you go try something new.  If you don’t want to make your own coffee or spend $5 at Starbucks, pop over to your grocer’s dairy section and purchase a container of pre-made iced coffee. And be smart; save a little more money by printing a coupon to take with your.

Doing Good: Buy Winter Coats Now

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Let’s face it: the economy still sucks. It probably won’t be much better by Christmas, either. Which is why I think it’s important to begin planning ahead.

Consider the families who will struggle to clothe their kids in winter coats and act. How? Well, right now JcPenney has toddler coats on sale for $5. If you choose to have it sent to a store near you, you can avoid paying shipping fees. So for a $20 + tax investment, you can donate four, quality coats.

Whether you buy a coat for your growing child or purchase one for a coat drive, Christmas present or a neighbor, it’s a simple and inexpensive way to give back to the community. What are ya doing? Go do good now!

Need a Winter Coat at a Low Price?

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I just bought my oldest daughter an Aeropostle winter coat for a whopping $18. Yep, the almost $120 coat was drastically reduced. The crappy part is that there is an abundance of X-S, S and M coats and only a few L coats left. Expect to pay $7 shipping and about $1.75 in taxes. Not bad all things considered.

New Deal About to Go Live

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NoMoreRack, the member’s only site, is about to put a great voucher up for sale. For $24 you can purchase a voucher for 2 Fandango Movie Tickets and a $10 Starbucks Gift Card. The sale begins at noon today (Dec. 17, 2011).

Check Out Victoria’s Secret Now

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I’m a sweepstakes junkie. There, I said it. I love to play sweepstakes. Do I win? Not often; when I do it is a major adrenaline rush though. Take this morning. I got up and decided I’d take a chance my entering my email address at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show Countdown Sweepstakes. You can find it here. I’d played (and lost) twice before. This morning, as I cleaned the glitter from the screen with my mouse I thought–Sorry–and saw Congratulations. I won $25 gift card. Pretty awesome.

Well, that’s not all I did today. I visited the mall and spent $10 in Victoria’s Secret. I received a small brochure with a gift card containing an undisclosed amount of money. It’s guaranteed to have $10, $50, $100 or $500 loaded. The sticker is you won’t know how much money is on your card until you make a purchase sometime from Dec. 1 to 20. They are giving out the cards when you make a $10 purchase in store, online or by phone until Wednesday (the 30th).

I’ll be back on the mall on the 30th to make another $10 purchase and to pick up my free pair of underwear. Well, my daughter’s free pair of underwear. The company is giving away Victoria Secret Runway Fashion Show panties on the 30th only. One pair per person. So what are you waiting for? Get your panty on. 🙂


New Hilshire Farm Cracked Black Pepper Turkey Breast

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I lucked out at the grocery store earlier this week. Hilshire Farm lunch meat was on sale two for $7. Not wonderful, but hey, it’s about $1 saving on two packages. One of the packages of meat had $1 off coupon attached to it. I ended up buying one tub of lunch meat for $2.50, not noticing that I’d never tried it before. Once home, I was a little hesitant to try it because I didn’t have the best experience with the last new product I bought (Campbell’s soup).

I shouldn’t have been. It tasted terrific. It almost tasted like a pastrami seasoning had been paired with a traditional, roasted turkey. The meat had a nice texture, was juicy and flavorful. My youngest daughter loved it. I’ve since returned and bought another tub of the meat. It’s a relatively inexpensive option for lunch.