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Amazing People

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I try not to be selfish and to be considerate of others. This man took it to a whole new level. I want to be Aaron Collins or like his relatives who followed through with his wishes. What? Don’t know what I’m talking about? Watch the video then visit to learn more.


Free Apron Offer

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Head over to Prestos Pizza’s Facebook page and fill out the form to receive a free apron. If you blog about it or post about it on an online forum you can get an oven mitt too!

Stadium Jerky Contest

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Interested in sweepstakes and contests? Looking for a way to get a new phone without taking money out of your pocket? Check out Stadium Jerky’s FaceBook page. All you need to do is fill out the form and share the page with your friends. Ask your friends, family and complete strangers to “Like” the page and type your name in the referral box. The person with the most referrals will win a Samsung Epic Touch 4G Smart Phone powered by Sprint. The next five winners will receive a week’s supply of Stadium Jerky. The next 10 will receive one bag of Stadium Jerky.

Help us Win!

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I’m hoping some of y’all will help a sister out. I entered my kids photo in Disney’s Family Fun “I Love My Family” photo contest. Winners are chosen by viewers, but we all know how it really works. People talk their family and friends into voting for them. I posted my picture two days ago and have a whopping three votes. Yep, I’m one of the three votes. LOL I’ve posted pleas on Facebook and Twitter, but have gotten nada. So now I’m asking y’all. Help us make it to the top. Visit Family Fun and vote for us. We’re the photo labeled Ocean Brings Kids Together.

My February 2012 Julep Box

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My February Julep box contained: cuticle oil, gold sparkly (It’s called Oscar) and the perfect color red (Glenn) nail polish and a piece of chocolate candy with the shape of an Oscar pressed into the top of it. Yes, I’m very happy. Great box.

The Julep Maven club costs $19.99/month. You fill out a survey and based on your answers are given a style. Mine is All American. Editors then pick out items for you to try. This month’s package is obviously a play on Hollywood as it’s an Oscar award winning box. You also have the choice of skipping months, sending your box to a friend or selecting a different style’s box if you prefer it to the one selected for you. On the 27th of the month, if you haven’t requested to skip a month, the $19.99 is withdrawn from the account you used to set up your Maven Club Membership. If folks sign up using your referral link you get perks. For example, get two people to sign up and keep their membership for 30 days after buying their first box, and you get a free month of the Maven club.

It’s National Chocolate Cake Day 2012!

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There seems to be a holiday for every day of the year. There’s a day for pie, bubble bath, moldy cheese, ding-a-ling (yep, I said ding-a-ling) and maple syrup. Well, today is national chocolate cake day and I’m going to celebrate by making chocolate cupcakes. To get your saliva flowing, I’ve found several chocolate cakes and linked to more information about each one. Are you having chocolate cake today?

Martha Stewart's Sweet and Salty Chocolate CakeMartha Stewart's Easy Chocolate CakeBaker's Royale: German Chocolate CakeRecipe Warrior: Individual Molten Chocolate CakeStrip House: 24-Layer Chocolate Cake

Have You Heard of Birchbox?

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While playing around online I found a beauty site called Birchbox. It stood out because for $10 a month you can receive a box filled with random samples. The idea is to introduce customers to different products in hopes that they will find something they like and purchase the full-sized product from Birchbox. I didn’t just jump into it though. I googled Birchbox samples to see what people said about the company. The consensus seemed to be that sometimes you get a great box of samples and other months you get crap. However, everyone was cool about it. People were happy with their $10 investments.

When you refer people to Birchbox with your unique code and they make their first purchase, you will receive 50 points. For every 100 points you get $10 to spend in the Birchbox store. You also get points for everything you buy. If I read correctly, you can get free shipping when you purchase full-sized bottles of the products which were included in your sample box.

Well I signed up and just received my first box. Excitedly, I had my cousin open the box (I was driving). I got:

Lavender and Peppermint scented shampoo and conditioner by C.O. Bigelow
Moisturizing lipgloss by Jouer
Viva la Juicy perfume by Juicy Couture
Nail polish by Zoya
Dry erase magnet
Black hair ribbon
Mini blueberry muffin bar by Larabar