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Birthday Goodies

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Today’s my birthday and I’m going to enjoy a FREE meal, dessert and a movie. I can do it all at little cost because of reward programs. Over the years I’ve signed up for many reward programs. The great perks can usually be seen around my birthday. I decided this year to list all the great things I received at no or little cost around my birthday.

  1. Starbucks: FREE drink or food item
  2. Cold Stone Creamery: Buy one, get one creation
  3. Logans: FREE Nutterbutter with purchase of entrée
  4. Houlihans: FREE entrée (up to $15)
  5. Honey Baked Ham & Cafe: FREE sandwich
  6. Phillip’s Food & Grocery: $1 off any item
  7. Arby’s: FREE 12 oz. milkshake
  8. Red Robin: FREE burger (meal)
  9. Panera: FREE pastry or sweet
  10. Fazoli’s: FREE dessert
  11. Wendy’s : $1 0ff combo
  12. Applebees: Buy one, get one entrée FREE
  13. Victoria’s Secret: $10 off
  14. Redbox: FREE rental
  15. Swagbucks: 50 points
  16. Disney Movie Rewards: 100 points
  17. John Freida: $1.50 off any full size product
  18. CVS: $3 off anything in store
  19. Bone Fish Grill: FREE coconut pie or Bang Bang shrimp
  20. Woman Within: 40% off any item
  21. Philosophy: FREE birthday set with purchase of $25
  22. Hoosier Lottery: FREE $1 scratch off ticket

Have You Heard of Birchbox?

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While playing around online I found a beauty site called Birchbox. It stood out because for $10 a month you can receive a box filled with random samples. The idea is to introduce customers to different products in hopes that they will find something they like and purchase the full-sized product from Birchbox. I didn’t just jump into it though. I googled Birchbox samples to see what people said about the company. The consensus seemed to be that sometimes you get a great box of samples and other months you get crap. However, everyone was cool about it. People were happy with their $10 investments.

When you refer people to Birchbox with your unique code and they make their first purchase, you will receive 50 points. For every 100 points you get $10 to spend in the Birchbox store. You also get points for everything you buy. If I read correctly, you can get free shipping when you purchase full-sized bottles of the products which were included in your sample box.

Well I signed up and just received my first box. Excitedly, I had my cousin open the box (I was driving). I got:

Lavender and Peppermint scented shampoo and conditioner by C.O. Bigelow
Moisturizing lipgloss by Jouer
Viva la Juicy perfume by Juicy Couture
Nail polish by Zoya
Dry erase magnet
Black hair ribbon
Mini blueberry muffin bar by Larabar

New Deal About to Go Live

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NoMoreRack, the member’s only site, is about to put a great voucher up for sale. For $24 you can purchase a voucher for 2 Fandango Movie Tickets and a $10 Starbucks Gift Card. The sale begins at noon today (Dec. 17, 2011).

Great Deal at Fab

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Have you joined I did a while back, but it wasn’t until today that I found a great deal that lasted longer than a few minutes. Currently if you sign up through me, you can get a $10 credit (Until 9/6/11 at 12:53 pm). I’m not sure if you get the credit after you make your first purchase or before, but there are items which can be bought beginning at $7.50 with free shipping. Want to know more? Check it out.

UPDATE: You get the credit immediately after signing up for your account. After you select an item to buy, visit your cart. You will have an option to apply all of the credit or a partial amount. Some item shave free shipping, too. Regardless of whether you owe money or not, you WILL be required to enter credit card information to check out.

14 Members Only Shopping Sites

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The Internet is full of members only stores. These stores often sell designer samples, overstocked items, manufacturer closeouts and cancelled order merchandise which is why people are able to get them at drastically discounted prices. Every day new items are introduced for sale. Members can expect to receive a daily email detailing the sales on the site.

Zulily: An online store which sells items for moms, babies, and children. The items are discounted up to 90% and offered to members only. One of the perks to the site is the referral fee. Every person you get to sign up for Zulily via your personalized link, you are credited $15 when their first order ships. 

Totsy: Another online store which focuses on moms, babies and children. Very similar to Zulily. Items are discounted up to 90%. Each referral adds a $15 credit to your account when that person makes their first purchase. Sign up for Totsy.

No More Rack: The store caters to women, men and children; it also has home decor items. Items are discounted up to 90%. This site is nice because you know going in that shipping will cost $2/item. You can send referral codes out which give the first five people $10 store credit. You receive a $5 credit on your No More Rack account when people you refer make their first purchase. Sign up for No More Rack.

Rue La La: The store has high end merchandise for women, men, children and the home. Tomorrow Gucci will be on sale. Each order costs $9.95 to ship. Send referral codes out because every person you refer who makes a purchase adds up to $10 in your Rue La La account. Sign up for Rue La La.

My Habit: A spinoff from Amazon, My Habit offers discounted items to members only. For the most part, don’t expect to find $10 items. The items are marked down up to 60%. The store offers free shipping to USA based addresses. My Habit does not offer referral compensation. Sign up for My Habit.

One Kings Lane: The online store offers home decor, travel, food and wine and gift items for sale at up to a 7o% discount. Shipping fees vary depending on how much money you spend. For example, if you spend less than $50 your fee will be $7.95. If you spend more than $50, but less than $100 your fee will be $9.95For each friend you refer who makes a purchase you will be given a $25 credit. Sign up at One Kings Lane.

The Foundary: This members only site offers a variety of times such as home decor, toys and furniture at up to a 70% discount. Shipping is based on a sliding scale. Orders up to $75 cost $5.95; orders over $75 cost $9.95. For each person you refer you are given $1 (up to $10). When a referral makes her first purchase you are given a $20 credit. After that initial purchase, you are  given $1 each time a referral makes a purchase. Sign up at The Foundary.

Modnique: The store offers a mishmash of items priced at a huge discount. Clothing, home decor and jewelry are all sold at the site. One of the nice things about Modnique is that when you make an account with the store you are automatically given a $5 credit. Pair that with the occasional free shipping the site offers and you can get great deals. Earlier this year I was able to get a $70 tank top which was marked down to $11 for $6. Don’t expect to make much money in referrals from Modnique. The site offers $5, $10 and $15 store credits when a person you refer makes a purchase of over $100. Sign up at Monique.

Ideeli: The online store sells clothing, shoes, household items and other miscellaneous items at up to an 80% discount. In general, items shipped from Ideeli have a flat $9.95 fee regardless to dollar amount spent or the quantity of items bought. This means that $5 great deal will cost you $14.95 and may not be the deal you initially thought. The site offers a $25 referral fee when the person you refer to Ideeli makes his first purchase. Sign up at Ideeli.

Swirl: Dishes, clothing and shoes are only a few of the items sold at up to a 70% discounted price at Swirl. The base rate shipping fee is $9.49/order. Get a $25 referral credit when shoppers use your link to create an account and make their first purchase. Sign up at Swirl.

Haute Look: Save up to 75% on designer clothing, accessories, shoes, toys, home decor items and gifts. There are some good bargains to be found on the site. For example, today the sites is offering $59 flowing tank tops for $15. The site offers $10 credit as a reward for every person you refer who makes a purchase.  Sign up at Haute Look.

Beyond the Rack: The site offers up to 90% off of designer items. Some things are expensive, but there are plenty of reasonably priced items. Currently there are $55 to $60 shoes selling for $20. You are given a $10 referral credit each time a person you refer makes an initial purchase.  Sign up at Beyond the Rack.

HomeSav: This site isn’t cheap, but it offers furniture, toys and travel items that you probably won’t find at your friend’s home. Shipping fees are based upon the size of the items you are having shipped.  You will be given $15 store credit every time a person you refer joins and makes a purchase. The person you invite will be automatically given a $10 credit.  Sign up at HomeSav.

Ivory Trunk: The store discounts merchandise up to 90%. It’s high-end merchandise. Think Valentino, Prada, U-Boat and Roberto Cavalli. If you’re buying from Ivory Trunk you prob. won’t care too much about shipping or referrals. However, for each person you refer who makes a purchase you will receive a $25 credit.  Sign up at Ivory Trunk.