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What’s for Dinner Wednesday: Nov. 14, 2012

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I made sausage and gravy casserole for dinner tonight. I found a recipe for it at It’s super simple, but I have five people to feed so I doubled the ingredients. My family was happy with it, but I would have liked it with a regular sausage gravy poured over the top of it.

3 pks. crescent rolls; 2 lbs. sausage; 2 pks. cream cheese; onions; black pepper

  1. Brown desired amount of red onions.
  2. Add 2 lbs. breakfast sausage. (I used Bob Evans’ original) Cook till done.
  3. Scrape sausage and onion mixture into food processor and pulse a couple of times until it is crumbled.
  4. Place 2 bricks of cream cheese in the hot pan and melt.
  5. Stir in the sausage onion mixture.
  6. Add desired amount of black pepper and stir well.
  7. Open a can of crescent rolls and line the bottom of a baking dish.
  8. Spread half of the mixture on the raw crescent dough..
  9. Open can of crescent rolls and lay across the sausage mixture.
  10. Pour the remaining sausage mixture across the raw dough.
  11. Open final can of crescent rolls and lay across the sausage mixture.
  12. Place in 375° oven and bake for about 45 to 55 mins.


What’s for Dinner Wednesday: Feb. 1, 2012

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Well this week I have two heads of cabbage to cook and five mouths to feed. Normally I’d just fry it all with bacon and seasonings or butter and seasonings. Today I think I’ll fry one head of cabbage and use the other to make stuffed cabbage rolls. I have hamburger and a package of seasoned rice. I’m all out of plain old rice, but I hope I’ll figure out something that works. In the meanwhile, I searched online for different ways to make the rolls and found the following. I’m pretty simple. Normally I’d soften the cabbage and fill its leaves with a seasoned hamburger/rice mixture. To finish it, I’d dump a can of diced tomatoes over the top of the rolls before baking it in the oven. These recipes are not the same at all. How do you make cabbage rolls?

Good Food: Braised Stuffed Cabbage Recipe

Taste of Home's Stuffed Cabbage

Smitten Kitchens': Alex's Mom's Stuffed Cabbage

Closet Cooking's Lahanodolmathes "Stuffed Cabbage"

Apply to Host House Parties

If you haven’t joined House Party yet it’s time to go over and sign up. As a House Party participant you are able to apply to host different events. If selected, you will receive a package of party supplies; items included in the pack vary, but I’ve gotten full-sized Barbies, plates, napkins, coupons, stress balls, exercise bands, etc. You agree to share the products with your friends and family, and to share your experience on their website with pictures and/or video. Right now they have several parties you can sign up to host. I’ll be hosting a board game party on the 15th, sponsored by Spin Master. My pack will include at least two board games: Logo and Quelf.


Barista Prima Coffeehouse

Zumba Wii

Rachel Maddow Fan Club

Monster Halloween

Twister Kinect

Skylanders Spyro's Adventure

Skylanders Spyro's Adventure

PlayStation Everybody Dance

What’s for Dinner Wednesday? Sept. 14, 2011

I felt extremely lazy today. I have a bag of fresh pears (picture Kroger’s grocer sack full of pears) that need to be used ASAP. Instead of baking bread all day, I went to lunch with a friend/former co-worker and enjoyed a few hours of downtime. It was great! Luckily, last night I cooked western pork ribs in the slow cooker so the meat portion of What’s for Dinner Wednesday was ready to go. For what? Well, I made a slight twist on Pulled Pork Chili, a recipe I found on the Kraft website.

I deboned the ribs, strained the broth to remove any bone fragments and tossed both back into the slow cooker. I added one can of jalapeno seasoned black beans, two cans of chili beans, one can of diced tomatoes with basil and garlic (yeah, it’s all I had. I hope it isn’t nasty!), chili powder and cumin. I’ve got sour cream and sharp cheddar cheese to top the chili with and a box of oyster crackers in the pantry. I’ll update y’all tomorrow on whether the chili turned out edible or not. lol

UPDATE: It was quite tasty. The sour cream and cheese enhanced the flavor. The only change I’d make is to use diced tomatoes with jalapenos instead of the marinara flavored ones I used. 🙂

Kraft's website


What’s for Dinner?: 7/20/11

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I’m not a huge menu planner. Every year I go through a phase where I swear I’m going to begin planning meals not only to offer variety, but to save money. I flip through recipe books. I stalk cooking websites and blogs. And I dream of meals that end with satisfied children thanking their mother for a well-rounded meal. Then reality washes over me and time slips away.

I’ve mentioned before that I own a book blog entitled Scooper Speaks. Normally I review romance, urban fantasy and young adult novels. But recently I decided to ask for a cookbook to review. While I haven’t yet reviewed it at Scooper Speaks, it seems like the perfect time to mention it on Scooper’s World. The book? Well it’s Our Best Bites–Mormon Moms in the Kitchen by Sara Wells and Kate Jones.

The book is hardback and spiral bound. It has a plastic insert with equivalent measurements and metric conversions. It’s full of glossy recipe pictures and is just plain wonderful. It’s published by Shadow Mountain. Regularly priced at $25.99, it can be bought at B&N for $16.24.

So what’s for dinner tonight?:

Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwiches







Caramelized Green Beans








Pie in a Jar