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Birthday Goodies

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Today’s my birthday and I’m going to enjoy a FREE meal, dessert and a movie. I can do it all at little cost because of reward programs. Over the years I’ve signed up for many reward programs. The great perks can usually be seen around my birthday. I decided this year to list all the great things I received at no or little cost around my birthday.

  1. Starbucks: FREE drink or food item
  2. Cold Stone Creamery: Buy one, get one creation
  3. Logans: FREE Nutterbutter with purchase of entrée
  4. Houlihans: FREE entrée (up to $15)
  5. Honey Baked Ham & Cafe: FREE sandwich
  6. Phillip’s Food & Grocery: $1 off any item
  7. Arby’s: FREE 12 oz. milkshake
  8. Red Robin: FREE burger (meal)
  9. Panera: FREE pastry or sweet
  10. Fazoli’s: FREE dessert
  11. Wendy’s : $1 0ff combo
  12. Applebees: Buy one, get one entrée FREE
  13. Victoria’s Secret: $10 off
  14. Redbox: FREE rental
  15. Swagbucks: 50 points
  16. Disney Movie Rewards: 100 points
  17. John Freida: $1.50 off any full size product
  18. CVS: $3 off anything in store
  19. Bone Fish Grill: FREE coconut pie or Bang Bang shrimp
  20. Woman Within: 40% off any item
  21. Philosophy: FREE birthday set with purchase of $25
  22. Hoosier Lottery: FREE $1 scratch off ticket

Simple Way to Make a Difference: Wholly Guacamole

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Looking for a way to make a difference but don’t have much money or time to spend? This sums me up so I figured it might apply to others as well. Well, today I noticed a post on Wholly Guacamole’s Facebook page. It supports Operation Purple which helps children of military families go to camp. Wholly Guacamole’s goal is to send 100 kids to camp and it needs your help.

Simply buy a t-shirt (sizes range from youth to adult XXL) for $10. Yep, that’s all. Ten dollars for a shirt and you’re helping a kid attend camp. Don’t have need of a shirt? No problem, you can donate money and bypass the shirt. It’s simple. It’s different. It’s a way to help someone when your time and money are limited.

Stadium Jerky Contest

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Interested in sweepstakes and contests? Looking for a way to get a new phone without taking money out of your pocket? Check out Stadium Jerky’s FaceBook page. All you need to do is fill out the form and share the page with your friends. Ask your friends, family and complete strangers to “Like” the page and type your name in the referral box. The person with the most referrals will win a Samsung Epic Touch 4G Smart Phone powered by Sprint. The next five winners will receive a week’s supply of Stadium Jerky. The next 10 will receive one bag of Stadium Jerky.

Battleship Sweepstake and Trailer

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Today I won two movie tickets to see the movie Battleship. Never heard of it either? Well, it’s the classic Hasbro game turned major motion picture. Want a chance to see it for free? Visit the Butterfinger Facebook page, request a code, fill out the form and see if you’re a winner. I was.

Victoria Secret Giveaway Part 2

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If you didn’t make it into a Victoria’s Secret and spend $10 in order to receive your rewards card, you have a second chance thanks to Victoria’s Secret Facebook page. Like this page. Make sure you check that page at 9 am EST for a chance to enter your information so the company can mail you a rewards card. If you get the card, you are guaranteed to receive at least $10. You could get $50, $100 or even $500. Victoria’s Secret is giving away 100,000 secret rewards cards total and the giveaway is valid through Dec. 15. Good luck, folks!


What do You Know About Klout?

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Klout: a website that measures and rates social media user’s influence with a number between 1 and 100. The scale measures Facebook and Twitter usage to determine if people are following you and your links, sharing the information you publish and are influenced by you.

Perks: Members of Klout are rewarded with perks.  Based upon different standards, people with Klout can apply to host different events. For example, at one time members could apply for a year’s supply of Secret Clinical Strength deodorant. Not everyone is accepted for every party. However, I recently applied for a Spotify account. (It’s similar to Pandora, but you can make playlists.)

How to sign up: Just visit Klout and sign in.